Why We're Green

In a sea of greenwashing, Ecowood Displays stands apart from the crowd. While many manufacturers work diligently to make their offerings green, Ecowood Displays started out that way.  We didn't need to reengineer our line to meet the new reality.  We were already there. Using materials and methods that respect the planet's dwindling resources, Ecowood Displays realizes that the production of retail fixtures can be done in the USA and can be done in ways that are both planet friendly and socially responsible.  

If you are in the neighborhood of Sonoma California, please give us a call at 800-452-1679 and arrange a tour of our digs.

  • Reclaimed solid wood components
  • Sustainably harvested materials
  • Formaldehyde free adhesives
  • Low and No VOC finishes
  • Recycled and Recyclable packaging
  • Corporate social responsibility programs

Ecowood Materials

At Ecowood we strive to use the materials that have the lowest impact on our planet. We use post consumer and post industrial reclaimed wood. Our sources are generally large beams from commercial buildings that have been deconstructed. The reasons for dismantling buildings vary widely, but our goal at Ecowood Displays is to reuse this material and prevent it from entering our overtaxed landfill system. After careful demetaling and clean up, these beams are resawn into the raw material used to fabricate our products. Some of our other materials are waste wood and fall down from other wood manufacturer's production processes. In addition to reclaimed materials, we use sustainable materials such as bamboo, that can be harvested indefinitely. The plywood used in our modular Point of Sale System carcases is PureBond, the newest Urea Formaldehyde Free plywood from Columbia Forest Products.

Ecowood Finishes

Our finish is a multi step process that is based on an environmentally friendly waterborne system from General Finishes, a leader in low VOC finishes. The low VOC content of this finish and the use of state of the art application methods ensures that both the consumer and our crew remain safe. Our standard finish is a clear satin, with a complete selection of waterbased stains (click for the stain chart in a separate window) available for an additional charge.


When you purchase products from Ecowood Displays, upon request, you will receive a history of the raw materials used to make your fixtures. Use this to enhance your customers shopping experience. Please contact us for more details.

Ecowood Waste

At Ecowood Displays, we don't generate very much waste wood, but what we do is donated free of charge to local residents to ward off the chill of our cool Wine Country mornings.