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A New Look with Ecowood "Do Over" During Trouble Economic Times

- Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One of our long standing customers came to us with the desire to create of fresh and uniform look among their chain of stores to redefine their brand.  With the economy being what it was, there was not enough budget to start from scratch.  In addition, a make over, using what you already have, is a very green and eco friendly choice.  From the very beginning, we have built Ecowood Displays to have a long life of useful purpose.  Some of the Ecowood Displays that we would be making over were ten years old and still going strong.


The Old Bellevue Store

To create the new look, we worked with their designers to implement the plan to change out some of the parts on the existing Ecowood Displays with galvanized steel.  We also used some of our post-industrial waste from our cash wrap production line to create a new "skin" that was applied to existing cash wraps, for a fresh and current look.   The result was remarkable.  See for yourself!


The New Seattle Store


The New Los Gatos Cashwrap

So take a look around your store(s).  Do you need a makeover?  Give us a call.  We'd love to explore the possibilities with you! 800-452-1679    Ask for the Head Ecowoodie, Don.  He is our idea guy!



Ecowood Displays Has Left The Building....And Landed In Sonoma, CA!

- Monday, January 31, 2011

 Bugging out.

The decision to move was made last summer.  The location and shop space was chosen by end of fall.  December 2010/January 2011 was our target move time, since most of our Ecowoodies are busy with the holiday selling season.  The challenge was to keep some sort of production going for customers who needed product produced.   So it was decided, it would be done in stages.  First the office and office staff would be moved into place.  Then a small working shop and inventory of wood and hangers.  Then the final "big move".

Leaving Mount Shasta

After months of planning and five truckloads, Ecowood Displays has finally (and completely) landed in Sonoma, CA.  The last truck was unloaded this morning.  Our new shop (photos to come) is twice the size of our old facility and much closer to our suppliers, which will allow us to better serve our customers.  Our transportation vendors will no longer have to contend with snow and we will have pick up service available to us five days a week!   Turn around times will be quicker with our new spray booth and drying room.  No more need to stoke up the fire to get your displays to dry!

Arrival this morning (with our Camp Pendleton redwood on the back)

Ready to unload

And the really good news for you?  You now have an open invitation to come and visit us in Sonoma Valley Wine Country whenever you are in the area.  Want to come pick up your orders?  We will have a Will Call department to serve you.

Although this is a new place for Ecowood Displays, our parent company, Plexus Pacific Industries, was started in Sonoma back in 1982. So for us, we have come home and full circle.  We look forward to becoming a good citizen to our, now local, market of retailers and to the community of Sonoma.  

Be sure to let us know when you will be in town.  Cheers for now!

Don & Colette
The Head Ecowoodies

It was 40 years ago today....

C George - Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 22, 1970   Philadelphia, Fairmont Park.  Ground Zero - Earth Day.


I was 14 years old.  I told my parents that I was going to a “science fair” that my science teacher was also attending.  That was sort of true.  It was about science, right? And my science teacher was attending.  Just not with me.


I arrived at the breakfast table in the tie dyed shirt I had crafted the night before and was promptly told to go upstairs and change into “normal clothes”.  So I did what any self-respecting teenager would do.  Went upstairs, changed my clothes and stuffed the shirt in my homemade hippy bag.  Off I went.


Arriving late, we had to park a mile away, so even though we missed The March, we walked some of the route along with other latecomers. We arrived at the park to a sea of people.  Amazing. Estimates ranged from 20 to 40 thousand.  We settled into our tiny piece of lawn and got to know our neighbors.   

People were walking through the crowd handing out bags of “food”.  I opened mine to find a slice of bread and an 1/8 cup of uncooked white rice.  There was a note that stated “if every single person on the planet shared the existing food supply, this is what we would eat each day”. 


Senator Edmund Muskie was on stage calling for “an environmental revolution”.   He was criticizing government priorities, which was spending “twenty times as much on Vietnam as we are to fight water pollution…”.  Sound familiar?


Up until this point, I had lived in a bubble that was my parent’s world.  This day, I saw the world that I wanted to be a part of - every age, every size, every color, every, everything - all coexisting in cooperation.  We were full of hope and belief that we could make a difference. 


Looking back I realize the first Earth Day had nothing to do with climate change.  It was all about the simple idea that we needed to change our attitude toward the land we lived on, the water we drank and the air we breathed - that we needed to show respect for the very basics that we depend on for our own survival and that remains our truth today.

For a little more history of Earth Day click on this, Earth Day History


Yellowstone, Global Warming and Ecowood Displays...

Don George - Saturday, January 02, 2010
  Yellowstone National Park is in trouble. Along with many other fragile ecosystems, the direct effects of climate change are real and tangible.   In an effort to create an environment that educates park visitors about the potential devastation that Global Warming can and is creating, Xanterra Parks and Resorts has taken on the task of creating a retail environment at Mammoth Hot Springs unlike any other. Combining a truly green gift shop using Ecowood Displays eco-friendly fixtures and displays, and a unique short course into the fragile ecosystem that is Yellowstone, the visitor leaves enriched with memories and knowledge about the actions needed and the importance that the park plays in our battle against climate change...