When we started doing green retail interiors in 1995, there were very few options available for creating an eco friendly commercial environment. We have had the privilege of working with the true pioneers of green retailing as we all worked together to find green solutions for retailers. Today, there are green options for just about every element of a retail space. In addition to green fixtures, there are green options for flooring, lighting, signage, wall coverings and slatwall. You can even plan for green store supplies such as hangers, wrap and packaging, as well.

We have recently increased our production capacity here at Ecowood Displays. What this means to you is faster turnaround times. We are currently running about 4 weeks lead time on most items, although as we do runs of specific product lines some items may be available sooner. Bottom line, call in your order early to get on the production board for the fastest delivery possible.

And if green fixtures are not a part of your plan, still feel free to contact us for a chat. We are happy to share our past experience.

The Ecowood Team