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Spring in the Wine Country

Don George - Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Eco News

It's definitely spring here in the Sonoma Valley. The first new buds have appeared on the vines and we're ramping up for some exciting spring projects, but as always have plenty of other irons in the fire. Last year we rolled out a new line of retail furniture that has a new look and feel for us. We call it Industrial Chic. Combining elements of Reclaimed Wood, Recycled Barn Roofing and Galvanized Pipe, this line gives you that look and feel of the past with the functionality that you need today to display your products in their best light. Our great friends over at the Girl and The Fig use 3 very large versions of the Movable Feast bar in one of their venues. Shown here is a 120" version greeting guests for an event. The Moveable Feast can be used as a bar, buffet and even as a desk for cooking classes! I know, because I attended one.


Yes, longboards. We've been using waste materials from our Cash Wrap projects to make awesome veneers that we press into pro grade Ecowoodie© Longboards. Using top of the line trucks and wheels, some consider our boards too beautiful to ride, but they are designed and built to be ridden. You could hang one on the wall and just admire it's awesomeness, or shred down the nearest hill. Your choice...


We have many more new things coming down the pipeline so stay tuned...

The Girl and The Fig And Ecowood Displays: Will work for food?

- Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Girl and The Fig and Ecowood Displays:  Will work for food?

You may remember a while back we were very excited to do a little custom project for, hands down, our favorite restaurant in Sonoma (the world?).  When the owner, Sondra Bernstein, called us to see how we might help with a new project, we were ready to lend a hand.  The Kickstarter project, Suite d, was to be "an unlikely place for uniquely fun times and culinary inspiration". 


We started with four massive barn doors made with our reclaimed Douglas fir beams (Tracy) 

during Phase One.  They cover up the industrial roll up door from the inside and when the outdoor patio was in use, they would open to provide passage between in the indoor and outdoor spaces.

Then we finished Phase Two with what would be termed the "movable feast bars".  These were designed and constructed to be rustic and versatile.  One side would be a serving buffet.  Turn it around and it can be used as a service bar.  Put them back to back and they are a two sided buffet.  Or you could create an "L" or a "U" get the idea!

btw....we bought the cooking class and will be sharing with our friends from Conscious Corners.  Looking forward to cooking up some farm fresh veggies and maybe a local fish or two.


Staying Green, the easy way...

Don George - Friday, September 16, 2011

  Going green doesn't always mean choosing great new sustainable products. Sometimes it's as simple as recognizing that what you have already is functional, beautiful and can easily be given new life.  Such is the case with The Girl and The Fig restaurant here in Sonoma. When making the decision to buy new bar stools, I know, not what you were thinking, they have chosen to reuse great old classically styled stools. Even though they have quite a few stories to tell, including a few of my own, they have many years left of good service. We are removing the old finishes without any chemicals and refinishing using a naturally derived finish that can easily be maintained.  The result will be furniture that will get better with age, something I wish for all of us as well...


Saving The Planet With Agave, Surf and Wine

Don George - Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sustainability can take many forms, from large scale solar farms powering homes and businesses to the simple act of composting your kitchen waste into a powerful plant nutrient. At Ecowood Displays, we take reclaiming materials and producing new useful products from them very seriously. This story is a little bit different, but extols the message of sustainability just as loudly.  

I found a handwritten note in my mailbox a couple of weeks ago requesting permission to cut down a couple of dead Agave Americana that were close to the road. Answering the number on the note was Don, a soft spoken man who proceeded to tell me how he wanted to craft a surfboard from the "wood" gleaned from the prickly plants.  Not one to shy away from a mini adventure, I set a date and plans were made.

Chain saws, ropes and ladders were pressed into service and the four deceased agave stalks were cut into ten foot lengths and loaded into the back of Don’s Ford pickup truck. Because the truck was loaded to the max, the surfboard that he brought to show me had to stay at the house. (not a thank you gift!!!)

I brought the board to work on Monday so that Don could pick it up at the shop.  Oohs and aahs abounded as all the wood junkies around here ogled the cool board. Turns out Don is the head winemaker at Three Sticks Winery, a very hot artisan winery here in Sonoma. Don’s pedigree includes a long stint as the winemaker at Chateau St. Jean in Kenwood.

So just where is the sustainability part of this story, you ask? Simple. 1. You harvest a dead Agave Americana stalk and build a surfboard for your son. 2. You plant a handful of new Agave plants. 3. Ten years later the new plants have grown to full size and flowered and died. 4. Your son leaves a handwritten note in my mailbox asking if he can cut down the stalks to make a surfboard for his son. and on, and on...


Ecowood Displays Has Left The Building....And Landed In Sonoma, CA!

- Monday, January 31, 2011

 Bugging out.

The decision to move was made last summer.  The location and shop space was chosen by end of fall.  December 2010/January 2011 was our target move time, since most of our Ecowoodies are busy with the holiday selling season.  The challenge was to keep some sort of production going for customers who needed product produced.   So it was decided, it would be done in stages.  First the office and office staff would be moved into place.  Then a small working shop and inventory of wood and hangers.  Then the final "big move".

Leaving Mount Shasta

After months of planning and five truckloads, Ecowood Displays has finally (and completely) landed in Sonoma, CA.  The last truck was unloaded this morning.  Our new shop (photos to come) is twice the size of our old facility and much closer to our suppliers, which will allow us to better serve our customers.  Our transportation vendors will no longer have to contend with snow and we will have pick up service available to us five days a week!   Turn around times will be quicker with our new spray booth and drying room.  No more need to stoke up the fire to get your displays to dry!

Arrival this morning (with our Camp Pendleton redwood on the back)

Ready to unload

And the really good news for you?  You now have an open invitation to come and visit us in Sonoma Valley Wine Country whenever you are in the area.  Want to come pick up your orders?  We will have a Will Call department to serve you.

Although this is a new place for Ecowood Displays, our parent company, Plexus Pacific Industries, was started in Sonoma back in 1982. So for us, we have come home and full circle.  We look forward to becoming a good citizen to our, now local, market of retailers and to the community of Sonoma.  

Be sure to let us know when you will be in town.  Cheers for now!

Don & Colette
The Head Ecowoodies