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Is Green Going Backwards

Don George - Thursday, October 15, 2009

The current economic condition is causing shifts in just about everything right now. There is a shift in green that no one is thinking, much less talking, about. That is that green is taking a couple of steps back. Six months ago it was all about green. No one could get enough. Now we are finding that everyone is so consumed with lack of the other kind of green, that they are abandoning the forward movement that we in the ‘green world’ were experiencing.

I had a customer the other day tell me that I was too expensive and should consider manufacturing our fixtures in China. Whaaat?

A supplier of mine told me that the market has gotten so flooded with reclaimed wood inventories that market prices have fallen below what demolition companies are willing to take. So now the demo guys are bulldozing and sending refuse to the landfills again. Whaaat?

I guess I should not be surprised. Our own needs for materials have fallen significantly. Many retailers are not putting money into updating or expanding their retail environments. Consumers are not buying furniture. Housing and commercial building starts are in the toilet. State contracts are being paid with IOU’s.

As much potential as there is for us to move forward, right now we are moving backward.

Still, we at Ecowood continue to search for new opportunities to keep demolition materials out of the landfill. It is our mission. After rescuing over 100,000 board feet of lumber from landfills, our goal is to rescue another 100,000. So I’m curious to know…do you have any creative ideas to increase the demand for reclaimed materials and stop the backslide into our landfills?

Don’t be shy. Our eyes, ears and hearts are open.

Chronic Entrepreneur

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