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Ecowood Retail Displays builds a wide variety of quality Eco-Friendly furnishings to outfit your store, office or home. Proudly Made in America, our real wood retail displays and furniture add value to your retail display purchase. If you are opening a new store, organic grocery, CO-OP, yoga center, day spa, winery tasting room, outdoor shop, redoing your current store or just getting rid of some "Chrome", we can supply beautiful wood fixtures, displays, cabinets, furniture and more. In addition to our stock designs we have full design and fabrication capabilities to meet your special needs or styles. Our use of reclaimed wood and sustainable wood brings a new value to your retail space. Our wood store fixtures create a warm and inviting environment to enhance your customer's shopping experience. Reclaimed wood retail fixtures have a patina and look that hints at the story behind the materials. By purposely leaving nail holes and rust marks, the recycled nature of the wood is always evident. Click here to see the many products that we offer.

Ecowood Displays is committed to producing eco-friendly products here in the United States.  Our raw materials are derived from very sustainable sources that help to divert waste from the landfills and have the smallest impact our planet. Our materials, process' and practices all combine to create useful durable products that tread lightly. To add more value to your Ecowood purchase, our NO FAULT warranty protects your investment fully.

Please call us at 800-452-1679 toll free or contact us here for more information.




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